How to buy

Are you interested in making a purchase? Payments by Swish or PayPal are accepted. Just message the name and size of the poster(s) and your address when using your preferred method of payment, then pay for the item(s) including the shipping cost.
I’ll send your package as soon as possible. BACK TO SHOP


Within Sweden:
1-2 posters, any sizes. SEK 75.
3-9 posters, any sizes. SEK 85.

Europe and Rest of World:
1-2 posters, any sizes. €8.
3-9 posters, any sizes. €10.

Swish: 0725050473

(Please use "Friends and Family" option and not "Goods and Services" option when paying with PayPal.)

If you wish to use an alternative payment method please send me an e-mail at: and we’ll find a solution.